Ron on Rails

My Journey Through Code With Flatiron School's Web Development Program

Ruby Data Gem

So, it took me a while to complete my first project with Flatiron, the data gem cli to be exact. I decided to make a data gem that pulled the latest financial news but when I started to attempt to scrape some of my favorite news websites, I learned how disasterious some of their source code was. I tore the project apart about 20 times and even thought about changing my project completely but I wanted to scrape a financial news website and it took about 5 days of frustration to do so. I was finally about to scrape, their code was a little more clean and it was a little more clear how much better I can pull the data I needed from the website.

Ruby Hashes, initmidating?

I have recently re-discovered my frustration with hashes in Ruby. I played with hashes in the past but I didn’t go indepth with them until enrolling in the full stack developer program with Flatiron School. Hashes can be intimidating and frustrating. Of all the topics so far, Hashes has taken the longest for me to grasp, the thing that helped me with hashes was to compare them to arrays: both arrays and hashes are containers for data, the big difference is that in hashes, the data you store can be more in depth.

Why I learned to code

I’ve always had a passion for technology since I was teenager and creating a web app or a website has always been something I wanted to do. So, a few years ago I purchased a HTML/CSS course on Udemy but I put off starting the course for months because “it wasn’t the right time”. I knew I would enjoy it but I think I felt intimidated to start. One day about 2 years ago, I sat down and started the course and I was immediately hooked! My first website looked awful but it was something I made on my own, to me, that was exciting! After HTML/CSS, I ventured on to mobile development with Swift iOS before discovering Ruby and JavaScript, which I do enjoy learning a lot more. I have a few friends that have been developers for years and they love their jobs. Since I love coding, I would love to have a career as a web developer, doing something I love, I can’t wait to get started!!